At war against flies!

I just went on war!

My home is being attacked my houseflies..

Yuck?!? I know!


I am a clean messy person. Like a true germaphobe but a true careless messy person too…

There is a sharp juxtaposition in my personality.

My possessions are squeaky clean and with layers of disinfectants but scattered everywhere. My siblings would say one day if we keep looking we might find a baby elephant hiding in your room.

Well. Back to the fly story

So few days back I saw a herd of flied touring my home and I had no clue how they got there. I was shocked! and lost faith in disinfectants.

There must be like 4 to 5 of them. 

I opened all the windows and tried to chase them away bit they were so in love with my home that I felt they might actually chase me out of my own freaking window!

Now I don’t use pesticides as they are very toxic. So I burned bakhoor (incense).

But nothing happened. They were enjoying the nice fragrant smokey feel of my home for which I actually hated myself. 

It was a plan to kill them not to throw a dance party.

I even used the combination. Opened window, burned bakhoor and ran after them ..all at once. It was exhausting.

Then I saw an electrical racket shaped mosquito/fly swatter that I got from Pakistan on my last trip, because mosquitoes there were literally BATS!

So I just got a powerful electrical racket for myself too. Because once upon a time I actually played badminton. It was a family thing. So why not put skill to some use.

This super-racket had been in coma for months.

So I charged..and charged..and charged it until some current started running trough its net that I figured only when I was able to kill a fly after thousands of failed attempts.

Then the battle begun.

Windows, bakhoor, super-racket and me against flies!

And guess who won??


After struggling for hours, I finally devised a method.

Wait for flies to sit somewhere.

Don’t go after all of them, focus on 2 3 in close proximity.

Keep an eye on them and pretend you aren’t bothered by there presence.

Let them get comfortable. They shouldn’t see face of a predator on your neck.

Act sweet but ignore, where a pink bow on your head (please don’t)

Then casually hold the racket and continue with your work. You want them to forget it’s a killing machine. 

You want to give them an impression that you just have a very unique hand.

Now slowly amble towards one of them gently raising the racket.

When close enough just freeze for at least 2 minutes …this is an important part. Fly must believe that you are a statue.

Now lift your racket in super slo-mo and slowly place its net on the fly. 

When it will try to escape it will hit the net and get electrocuted.

Oh don’t forget to keep the electric shock button pressed the whole time or the entire operation will fail. And your patience too..

I have electrocuted 3 flies so far. Waiting for the rest to sit somewhere. 

No fly will dare to invade my home again!


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awarenesswhere I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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51 thoughts on “At war against flies!

Add yours

    1. ahaha I have tried books and traditional swatters and almost eve thing..but this is the first time I got any success.

      fruit flies are worse they are so tiny and you just dont know how to kill them. I tried everything on the internet when I was facing this problem but dont remember anything working.

      thank God havent seen them around in a while

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  1. I use fly strips then half the time forget they are there and spend the day trying to get glue out of my own hair.
    Up side, our fly problem is no more.

    I want an electrical zapper thingie, it sounds like fun.

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  2. Flicking them with the tea towel works, stuns them by giving them a headaches, then you can get rid of them. Hubby has been known to use almost an entire can of fly spray on ONE FLY (and it still lived). We tried those sticky papers (joke), and sprays, but nothing worked. We invested £1 and got 3 brightly coloured fly swatters in the shape of hands. Brilliant. Worked every time. Oh a little tip? Sneak up behind the fly as they can’t see you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahhahah I have got to try this one! They should get headaches too!
      Ahahah I dont reach for pesticide sprays because I know it will only be me sniffing all chemicles and fly wouldn’t even get hurt. This reminds me of a mosque story will share that too.

      Ahaha I have 1 colorful manual swatter too but it never worked for me. They somehow dodge it.

      Yea I go in total stealth mode 😆


  3. The electric raquet does a fair job I agree. It’s sad that we find these very under-rated garbage disposal units and pollenators so abhorrent but that’s just a fact of life, Personally I’d leave it to the spiders but they’re not very efficient.

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    1. I got upset when I saw flies as I do keep my home fairly clean but then I thought maybe they came from window or something.

      I dont see spiders here. Thank God.

      In fact I dont have any insect as I am too scared of them so keep a check and I thing fumigation etc is strong here. I don’t see many insects here. I have seen lizards but they desert lizard so they stay on the ground in sand or something otherwise I think lizards can eat flies too.

      Now I am imagining the whole chain. I can still kill flies but if it was lizard I could hav jumped out of window or something.

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  4. You are so funny! Our last summer in England we had to open the windows and in came the files… LOTS of flies. We finally got some of that ugly tacky strips you hang from the ceiling and they caught most of the flies. We also got one of those “tennis rackets” and my husband was much better at catching them than I was. The fly paper really works… If you can bare to see them stuck and trying to get free.

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    1. Before today I wasnt even aware of those strips. But I googled and got an idea. Never saw them in real life tho.
      Yea I just realized people have different skills levels with different weapons. I can only kill flies with super racket. Nothing else works.

      Oh that scene causes mixed emotions. Its like watching villain suffer and feeling bad for it too.

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  5. Nothing on house flies, just swat em and keep clean, but fruit flies, they’re easy. Pour some apple cider vinegar in a bowl or cup/mug, and add a little liquid dish soap. The vinegar attracts, the soap changes the surface tension so they go right to the bottom. Best if you set it out at the first sign of fruit flies, but give it a few days and it’ll clear up the worst infestation. Make sure to keep your trash can clean and covered, put soapy water down your drains, limit the food you leave out, but that method works better than anything else I’ve tried. Actually, not better, just works- – the others didn’t work at all.

    Good luck with your pest controlling!


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