Connections worth the effort.

Me : hello

Sam (bff): yea. What happened

Me : Anxiety

Sam : Shit

Me : Where are you?

Sam : On my way

Me : When will you get home

Sam : I just left, maybe an hour or so

Me : Ok come soon

Sam : Hang in there

Me : Im trying

Sam : What actually happened

Me : Nothing. Seriously nothing at all. Everything was going fine and BAM!

Sam : hmm. How bad is it

Me : Real bad. I think I might throw up

Sam : Shit! Distract yourself. Write!

Me : I’m trying hard nothing is helping

Sam : Watch a movie. Do something else. Listen to music. Bake. Go out for a walk. Just around your flat or something

Me : nothings helping

Sam : Draw. Go out

Me : just sinking non stop.. nothing’s working. let me know when u can talk

Sam : Ok hang in there

Me: where are you?

Sam : Still on the road

Me : Don’t get mugged or something

Sam : For that I need to stop texting you

Me : Oh.. ok let me know when home

I had this conversation with my best friend few days back on whataspp. And today I read it and thought why does this sound like she was coming to my place?? When she was going to her home in entirely different country.

When you have been friends for at least 20 years no matter where you are you are still in the inertia of the phase when you were living close.

And then friends like these exactly know how to calm you.

But we both agree that it takes effort from both sides. Life’s busy for everyone and some connections are worth the effort.

Just felt like sharing..


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  1. I’d say the same. Say hi to Sam from me. Meditate. There are tutorials about it. Maybe try some breathing exercises. There are some ambient motivational chants on YouTube. Let it play while you are asleep. I hear that helps.

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