Woman with a trunk


Why there is a trunk on woman’s face??

When your mind is raising questions like these there are few possibilities you might be going through..

Maybe you are high..which I wasn’t at all (reminder: I never did drugs)

You like elephants and probably feel like one..i actually felt like one when I got a gray bathrobe (not even kidding)

You have a big nose..yea..there is a human hiding behind my nose..

Or you really need to hit gym ASAP! This one sounds like the case.

I wanted to do a comparison pre and post surgery and even though there was improvement there was something that caught my attention , my face looked puffier after surgery

There was 7 8 months gap between two pictures and I got worried to be honest.

At that time I was going to gym.

So I announced that I am resuming gym soon. 

But than procrastination kidnapped me

Magically at exact time when I am supposed to go to the gym something happens that freezes my mind and then convinces me that maybe I don’t need to go and maybe there are other things that can help burn fat.

Let me explain.

like, exactly 5 minutes before ladies gym timings I get this urge to listen to music. And then I start listening to random songs non-stop. And then when I realize I wanted time I tell myself maybe it helped me. Music makes your heart race and you burn fat better when your heart race.. (please don’t try my science it hasn’t helped me)

Or I call a friend. And then talk for hours intensionally so that the ladies time is over and then I can tell myself “see I wanted to go but I was on call” 

Does talking count as a workout? it takes energy so that could be burning fat too.

what about watching murder investigation shoes. I get scared and paranoid and don’t eat much while watching so maybe it’s helpful.

Or I eat something at the last moment and wait for it to reach a comfortable place in system.

Today I had to go but I don’t even remember what happened..

On the other hand the need to lose weight is directly proportional to craving for carbs..i don’t know what sorcery is this!

I mean a person is struggling to shed excess baggage and can’t stop loading more.

Now since past week I am fighting my inner demons that stop me from being slim (or at least less round) and I lost my patience when I saw baked potato ..and man the speed I demolished it!

Like sniffed up the whole potato.

When you are this stupid and lazy that’s how universe conspire to send you to the gym by dropping random hints.

Will try to go tomorrow for sure..


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46 thoughts on “Woman with a trunk

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      1. Yes, he is dead. I believe he’s hanging out with Tupac and Elvis.
        I think, maybe, somewhere they designed bathrooms for JUST Prince. I bet the lighting in there was all purple.

        Kind of a Mary Tyler Moore look? Or…I don’t know. I’m sure a man designed it thinking he knew better and refused to ask for a woman’s help because “Yo…I got this” and the women were all just rolling their eyes thinking “nobody’s gonna get this.”

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Probably. I generally believe people who left this shithole are definitely at a better place doing something better.

        Yea that would be so PRINCE!!

        Ahahha Yea something like that but more curled.
        Ahhaaha yes this is what happens when men say ‘I got this’.

        Guess what i went shopping for??

        Liked by 1 person

      3. At least twelve.
        Depending on the selection I would have like…tons of shoes. I’m still upset about the pair of shoes I should have bought like…ten years ago. But they were $100 and I would want to keep them in a glass case and that would be weird walking around with shoes in a glass case.
        And glass is fragile anyway so it would make it even worse.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Dude! Do you not remember our conversation about shoes.. I might have bought 12 in 12 years maybe..

        I bought none. I actually liked one it fitted the criteria , no heels non slip comfy..but they were giving 1900s vibes..would never go with rest of attire any day. And still regretting not buying it.. why did u use the word regret now I can remmeber 200 shoes that i didnt buy..

        Well thank God u didnt buy that one. Walking with glass cases could be dangerous i don’t think it would have made public appearance to look wierd.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I DO! I just like making dumb comments. 🙂

        We saw these awesome festive boots on Saturday. They were black but they had a fabric-y red and white meshed deal around them. Totally great at explaining it, I know, but they looked christmasy and were awesome.

        I love looking weird but that might have been too much for even me. glass shoes in rock houses or something? I don’t know

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahhaa don’t argue on that. we have no idea what happens there and we probably don’t want to listen too. So maybe it does count as warm up.

      Yea. Imagine I it bought for myself thinking ‘how rare’ and when I wore it for first time I thought ‘dang..now I know why it’s rare’


  1. So with you on finding excuses and justifying not exercising. It would be better for me and probably make me feel better but I can always find 10000 other things I’d rather be doing instead. It doesn’t make us stupid and lazy, just discerning. 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahah sometimes I share posts with my friends outside wordpress and they go like…omg the comment ahahha

      And then I ask ..what about the post?

      And there is an awkward pause before..yes that too but the comments!! Ahahah

      Sometimes I go back to old posts and go directly to comment section. Feels amazing when friends join in 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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