Need help..

I was scrolling down my posts and was catching up on a lot of things I just missed because they get swarmed in comments.

Some fellow bloggers dropped mental health links that I couldn’t add earlier so I added those to the mental health awareness post.

I proudly share with you guys we have 166 links on that.

166 amazing people are sharing about their experience with mental health disorders to help the cause. That is so kind of them

My heart swelled when I updated it. I still have to edit it. And look for more.

This reminded me there are tons of things I say I will share and then I forget.

So comming week starting Monday I will be writing about those

A few I remember are about;

  • the road trip I talked about,
  • pancake recipe,
  • A little about attempts to earn something,
  • a blogging for beginners post that’s almost done.
  • A mental health awareness updated post. And some issues I wanted to talk about on the same.
  • 200000 movie reviews. I don’t think I can cover that ever to be honest..

Now here I need your help. Please remind me of anything that I was going to write about.

It will help me declutter my mind (and memos)

Thank you.

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