Stack of absolute perfection!

Ladies and gentleman, a stack of absolute perfection for you all..



I can only share a picture from here if any of you were close I would have shared promise.

So I never made pancakes. I mostly just have egg and coffee.

But had to rescue a dying banana. I have made those banana egg pancake versions which honestly should go by any other name as it’s not really pancakes. They aren’t bad tho.


I had coconut flour and I had to use is somewhere and a wilting banana.

So I though youtube might help but those recipes weren’t ringing right so I came up with my own version and this was the result.

They literally melt in the mouth I haven’t written the recipe yet and for that I might have to call sam again as she was with me on phone all the time.

And I was like..take note becauseI have no idea what I am doing.

So. Have a good day guys!


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23 thoughts on “Stack of absolute perfection!

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  1. Now I suddenly want to whip out the pancake mix (I am not a domestic goddess,lazy) but I have no chocolate chips to toss in so…I shall suppress the craving until I can acquire chips.

    Idk if you remember scratch n sniff stickers but your pic kinda made me wish my screen could be lightly scratched so I could get a whiff.

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  2. You must be a great cook! I’m certain your breakfast was delicious! Your inspiring blog has highly motivated me to add all the needed pancake ingredients to my shopping list. PS: Thanks for following / liking my blog site.

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