Ramble time!

Ok people it’s been quite some time and I know you guys miss me but hey, I was filling the gap with some super awesome poetry … how poetic super awesome sounds..


Quick updates.

Stitches have been successfully removed. They used numbing cream but I have gotten them removed in past without any such help so I was actually prepared for the “pulling effect”.

Well they left a tiny piece that I pulled out myself with my tweezer. Now I remember I didn’t have any numbing cream at that time and it still didn’t do the pulling thing stitches do..hmm

Ok moving on.

So the wound is closed and overall progress is fine.

But I have been in extreme overdrive, thanks to steroids. I haven’t love anything more!

I thought maybe I should put my hyper state to some use and started editing my poetry book.

So right now.. we have a 100 page manuscript in hand.

Exact 100 pages and my heart swelled…

My eye is swelled too..

Ok no. NO. don’t get distracted


I have a poetry book I really love its format and overall esthetics so I am referring to it a lot.


Then I am really reading tons of poetry. As I never formally studied literature after O-levels (10th grade). And never formally studied poetry. I need to work on some of the things.

The area that needs special attention at the moment is punctuation marks.

When we come here we are just pouring our hearts out I don’t even proofread at times and read and edit later.

So there are things I need to go deeper into.

Focusing on vocabulary too. Not on how many difficult works I can throw in a book to make it more sophisticated.

But I am focusing on the variety of expression in overall book.

There are a few things we all mention often for example rain, night, love, pain and so on.

This is where we unintentionally make things monotonous.

We naturally tend to stick to certain expressions and start repeating them.

Just because we have gotten so comfortable.

So this is 2nd area that I am focusing on.

And what else?

Listening obsessively to poetry recitations and Max Richter music.

Munching on celery like a psycho rabbit. Weirdly the munching sound helps with anxiety and since steroids have turned me into Taz (taz from looney tunes) it’s better I stick to celery.


To avoid digging teeth into furniture.

Who am I kidding! eating has become my BREATHING.

Whatever I have eaten in last 10 days could have easily fed any normal person for a year.

Not even exaggerating.. I wish I was tho..


Focusing on everything to help with editing phase of the book I am already more than happy that I am in second phase.

Ruthlessly trimming the fat.

I don’t know where is it going to go.

I am not keeping any expectation from it at all.

But I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it in the end.

That’s all folks!


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