Just a drop of water..

I heard agony
Wooven in melodies
By angry poet’s quill
Every syllable
Weeping and bleeding
In anguish and defeat..

I saw the stars cry
For the first time
Oh, what a tragedy
The soft ashes
Falling from the sky
Dying into the wet soil..

My reins broke
I am crying
With dry eyes
Dry as autumn leaves
Crumbling under bare feet..

I have all and nothing
I have silence
I miss noise
I am numb
And I miss pain
Oh pain..

I want to get hurt
I want to suffer
I want to cry like stars
I want to weep and whimper
I want to shake and sob
I want to break and crumble
Like autumn leaves..

But tonight
Here I am
Under this estranged sky
On this orphaned plannet
Like a raindrop
Floating within the rustic portals
Forsaken and lost
Just a drop of water..


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Copyright Β© 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


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