Tonight I can write the saddest lines – Pablo Neruda

One of those nights..

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      1. Through the years, my favorites have shifted, but these days I tend to relate my favorite poets to my key areas of interest. In general, I love reading poetry about life, nature, and the natural world around us, and my favorite style if free verse. When I think about poets that meet that criteria, Neruda, Frost, and Bukowski, are just a few. Neruda romanticizes much more than most, so if my mood is lighter, he’s my favorite. Bukowski is grittier, and some nights I want to read raw words. The great news is there’s almost an endless supply of new and old poetry. I do agree, Neruda’s expressions are first class and worth sharing! Sincerely, Brian

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      2. Favorites shift with the circumstances I guess. yep free verse is relatable to almost everyone as it focus more on imagery than the rhyming and yet manage to maintain the flow required. so it has it’s own recipe. I was editing and I gave my poem to friends and especially told to be very critical and they both said it’s poetry there are no set rules but I think its about how it sounds. sometimes it just sounds right and complete.
        Neruda’s poetry is melodic and romantic and Bukowski’s is punch in the gut (that I personally relate to more) and Frost falls somewhere in between with focus on nature and that tone of self help books I guess (road not take).
        yes it is great news because every poet has distinct style and all it has to do is strike a chord with the reader.
        there is youtube channel “the parable”, it has tons of Bukowski and some Neruda. you will like it.

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