Special thanks.

When you expose all your vulnerabilities to someone either they disappoint you to the point that it turns into biggest mistake of your life.

Or they assure you and comfort you to the point where your weaknesses vaporize and vanish like they never existed and it breaks that hard shell of insecurities that caged you for so long.

It’s the most liberating process a human soul can go through.

Stripping down to your bones without chilling fear of judgement and rejection.

And gradually you start accepting your pieces and fragments. You start appriciating unique matter you are made of.

This post is special thanks to all my close friends who accepted this middle child of fate and held me togather in my hardest times.

Who had me laughing in stitches (sometimes literally) when breathing normal was challenge.

Who stepped out of their own comfort zone to make me feel secure. To prevent me from falling apart.

You shape shifting angels became my family my lovers my friends masters idol and inspirations.

You stitched pieces of you where I was torn never telling me what you are sacrificing.

You loved me for what I am and what I want to be.

Without you all I would have hated myself for both.


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