I don’t know something happened today I was supposed to go to get dressing removed and i don’t even remember when suddenly i was having random ideas in short bursts for one of my novels.

I cannot track what lead to it but I instantly added those to notes in my phone.

I felt something morphing.

Well then appointment was completely different story. I do my hellos and how are yous along the way as I am so regular to the hospitals. I was in waiting area when my nurse asked ‘did you rest well’.

I am not kidding my jaw dropped i had been jumping and dancing in my signature prednisone induced auto-pilot mode. She somehow read it on my face.

I don’t think I could answer.

Then came the big reveal. She removed dressing and her expression told me something was off.

When she left the room I took my phone and opened front camera and …. @^#%@%^#$*$(@;% deadpool!!!

it’s terrifying. There is so much fluid retension and bruises and all. It’s a horrible mess. Nothing hurts tho.

I was concerned about numbness and stiffness in head the doctor said it’s because of the procedure not anesthesia so apparantly everything will settle down with time.

There is this unusual coping mechanism I have. And it’s a blessing at times. It doesn’t always happen but sometimes when something like that happens I direct my focus to something bigger. Or it’s just directed on it’s own.

I was thinking about the ideas that hit me earlier today. This book of mine has a strong reference of raven. The bird. I started researching on the concept more.

Exploring the possible dimensions the story can flow into. That lead me to the poem raven and then to a documentary on the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

It was a long one 50 minutes or so I guess. And i listened to it as I was decluttering my room.

I organized my art supplies and tons of random little notes and what not. It wasn’t a good idea physically but mentally I felt I am constructing something.

Laying foundation for what I am going to do in next few days.

I am gearing up for nanowrimo. Honeslty I dont know how it works but I think I can finish one story by then.

So. All is well. Just trying to stay focused. And not fretting over deadpool situation.

Thanks for the endless unconditional support. Sounds cliche now but seriously I have no idea what I would do without this blog and all of you guys.

That’s all folks.

Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. I must have taken my eye off the ball and had not picked up on the news that you had submitted yourself to the knife. Pleased though, to note that your observations of the after-effects remain highly amusing.
    Speaking as one who has spent far too much time in the company of surgeons I know that it is not always easy to see the funny side of these things. Although other people seem to do so.

    I recall on one occasion driving myself to the hospital with a bone poking out of my leg. Relating to others the difficulties in changing gears and braking without causing further injuries seems to create great amusement. I was so repulsed by the sight of my own leg that it seemed to me that I was simultaneously trying to drive it towards medical care and trying to drive as far and as fast away from it as possible.

    Anyway, keep the reports coming.

    And get well soon.

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    1. Ahahahah. Not willingly and not for the first time but had to submit to the knife that sounded like a chainsaw.
      Its looks terrible but it doesnt hurt which is exceptionally wierd.
      Funny side just happens to you. Did I mention I have been bumping in walls too for 2 days straight??

      I think coping mechanism. Laughing at such situations isnt normal at all. I actually told a nurse I must be psychotic as the relaxants they gave me didnt work.

      Ahahahhaa o God I am a horrible person to laugh at that. I don’t know how we manage things like that. We are born to survive. Nothing else makes sense.

      Sure I will.

      Thank you so much. And once again thanks for amusing comment ๐Ÿ˜†

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  2. Hey Stoner, I’m like Richmond Road…took my eyes off for a second, so I had no idea of your current surgical circumstances. Love your post, love your humour. Get well, stay well, keep writing. Best-ever thoughts are being sent your way ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’ve done Nanowritmo, and you are supposed to create something from scratch. So many words in a month. I should do it again, some year..as, it’s a good way to schedule your writing.

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