The surgery lasted 1 and half hour. And it was real debulking surgery. Like 5 pieces were taken out size of small white marbles you see in some pots.

Half of my face is still numb so it hsnt starting hurting crazy. I am scared of the time local anaesthesia wears out.

I was wide awake the whole time with just my eye area numb I wonder how I didnt have a heart attack by noise and feeling of a surgery in my eyelid. There was alotnof cutting and all.

I guess prayers did that. And I need more.

I prayed alot too the whole time. Was talking to God.

I am on high dose of steroids already. 80mg so kinda pass out then wake up eat and pass out again.

Pray guys. Details of the whole thing later.

Love you guys.


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      1. OK don’t strain the eye now by reading.. Take care and sleep Stoner. Rest aplenty. I somehow knew you’ll do this. Do tell me when they remove the bandages…


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