A little investment – soft pastels

I made a little investment. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the best ones I ever made.

A drawing board!!

Yea..this baby..

I didn’t have it yet and I actually went to get an easel but those were expensive and I still would be needing a hard surface so I went for the board first.

Used it for the first time today. And did what I do.. I mean again an artwork I hadn’t planned at all.

As always any feedback will be of great help.


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41 thoughts on “A little investment – soft pastels

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      1. Ahahha I’m sure you must be doing great job with it. Yea with creative work that’s how it is. Everything starts wierd and mostly ugly.
        Yea its feedback that helps mostly we are clueless even after we are done 😂 have u posted pictures somewhere?? Would love to see


      1. You cant bargain here. Its dubai. If it was Pakistan I would have gone..’bhai shaab ye bohat mehenga bata rahay hain mai dosri dukan se le lu gi’ now dont ask me to translate it

        Checking blogs after a long time. Talking to a blog friend who has become a real life close friend. And replying to comments

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      2. Take care Stoner. Be a little more selfish, if you can. Also eat, stop starving yourself. And do remember, never expect anything from others.. It’s an honest life lesson..

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