After the storm..

Ok people I really wan tto share alot of things with you guys so grab your popcorns.

A small bag would be enough.

Last few months have been very hard on me. Well I think I have been saying this since 2 years now.

Anyway. So last 2 months I saw ugliest faces of people around me and had to face unbelievable disappointment. I was like..okay now I have seen it all..

The blessing in this period were friends. Literally 5 friends I always turn to because they exactly know what to do and say and at least one of them is always available.

Well few days back I went to a trip. I cut contact from everyone. I only stayed in touch with, who happens to be one of those 5 people. No one else.

I was avoiding potential triggers.

Everything went well. I came back relatively happier and BAM!! Anxiety returns!

Within 2 days I was having full blown anxiety attack for no apparent reason.

Actually there was a reason but I never imagined it would effect me like that.

Well thanks to friends again for staying will me in my random bursts of insanity.

I knew this is not one time thing this state was going to last for some time.

I tried everything I could think of. I even cried like a baby to take it out but nothing was helping.

Then I was mad at myself for getting so upset about something that shouldn’t be affecting me.

But I was functional luckily. I was very much productive. I wasn’t numb at all I was horribly fidgety and angry tho.


I have been sketching in the morning almost with the breakfast everyday for sometime. Experimenting with different techniques and ideas.

So I thought I will continue that.

I will just sketch what I feel. No reference. No specific art form. Just me sketching until I feel it’s complete.

So here are work of 4 mornings.


I can’t help smiling at them.

I can see the change in my mental state.

Today I am feeling much better and it shows in the last one.

I like what happened overall.

I plan to accommodate all of them in one big art piece.

That reminds me. Some days back..10 days to be precise I made another art instagram with the sole purpose of promotion and practice both.

I kept it separate from stoneronarollercoaster as I will be connecting with real world on that and I don’t want to ruin my hard earned little peace by mixing the two.

I am not deleting stoneonarollercoaster just to retain the name or maybe use later. It has some of my poetry there. Right now I don’t really get time to manage that.

Well. That art instagram got 70+ followers in 10 days. I wasn’t expected that at all. Felt like sharing with you guys. I would never have confidence to reach where I am today.

That sketching-every-morning ritual taught me something important. If you do 1 small thing. It could be like writing 1 complete line or reading a page. Or just a random sketch or taking a really nice picture. Anything.

Anything you love to do. But it should be a small task so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.

This gives you enough confidence and contentment to face the rest of the day.

That sense of accomplishment tells you very early in the day that you are way stronger way bigger than worldly problems.

Thats all folks! have a good day 😊

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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  1. Art can be very helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety, I’ve learned. For me, it’s become part of a daily “mindfulness” moment. I can sit down with pencil and paper and become totally lost in the moment. It’s a good feeling.

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