Wish anxiety had a season.

Some timing. Some conditions to haunt us.

It silently creeps in and holds us tight. It’s hard to free yourself from its strong grip.

Not really well since last night.

In a state of never ending chain of little panic attacks.

Tried everything. Nothing works.

I said works. Not worked.

That’s anxiety for you guys.

Try. Struggle. Fight even when you know nothing really works.

Or handover your health to those beads they give you to swallow that only numbs you for a while and makes it worse later.

Made this sketch… on a random paper bag. With a helpless charcoal vine.

Poor thing came in range of my morbid cruelty.


Still trying. Still fighting. Hope sam wakes up soon.


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12 thoughts on “Anxiety

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  1. I like your artwork. I feel the same way though….nothing works, beyond self-medicating. Anxiety is probably holding me back more than depression, but they both work in unison to create quite the monster.


      1. They (depression and anxiety) feed off each other too, which is the worst. I get depressed because my anxiety prevents me from doing a lot of things or from being drained after a panic attack. I’m also more anxious when I’m depressed and more prone to anxiety,panic attacks.

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      2. It’s a cycle.. I understand. I dont get to depression like that thank God. I am normally calm after anxiety phase is calm.

        With anxiety I can work. So I try to divert my energy into something i like. It’s tough but it works. Like if I like drawing I will make a sketch during anxiety/panic attack so when it calms I have an achievement in hand and I dont get depressed. This has always worked for me.

        It can be anything.


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