What have we become??

When you have been running a marathon on the rugged trails non-stop.

As you feel you might miss something. If you dont run fast enough. You might run out of time.

It’s the fear pushing you.

Then when you stop to breathe your heart thunders so hard you use all your energies to stop it from exploding.

And something inside you weakens..you start crying.

Just a few tears and then you realise you don’t even have time for that and nobody gives a shit..so you start running again.

The question ‘is it worth it’ keeps haunting you like an evil shadow.

There is too much to fight against and too little to fight for.

But if you stop fighting you won’t survive.

What have we become??

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19 thoughts on “What have we become??

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  1. pressure, anxiety and fear raise cortisol levels, which makes us more prone to tiredness and binge-eating, it also flattens metabolism. I just had an unproductive three days, filled with worry which climaxed in a few hours of “snitty-ness” and then a headache. I had to adjust my thinking. Luckily, the meds are working just fine; they give me the ability to pull back and see it “subjectively”. I’ve been having anxiety dreams lately, one earlier in the weak about a personal connection with former-house speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the most recent in which I urinated all over pairs of shoes.

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    1. Oh God. Dreams.. last month I had horrible episodes of nightmares my symptoms all match PTSD but i was too occupied to even get myself diagnosed. Thank God I am better.
      By better I mean I had to gather myself. Really force myself to get up. But it haunts me. There is your struggle and then there is this fear of what if it doesn’t work.
      I have been on steroids for years. So I know how terrible it makes you.

      I am sorry you are having such dreams. Normally they fade once your overall state gets better. Hope you get better soon. 🤗


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