Window- soft pastels

Not really my kind of art but I tried..followed a tutorial for this.


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19 thoughts on “Window- soft pastels

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      1. You are amazing at painting. I just mixed some watercolours for under painting for pastel work and I was like…nope nope stay away from this for now.
        I have used them in past but I dont know what happened now. I just want to work with pencils and pastels. Developing allergy from pigment too..


      2. Oh dear! You could wear gloves? Maybe you are right to stay away from them . If you decide to paint eventually dont suck the end of the paintbrush to put a point back on the brush. Just use a kitchen towel. ..some paints are cheap, they don’t have much pigment and too much filler, they can also have toxic chemicals if they are not genuine. There are good colours out there but they can be expensive.

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      3. A decorating mask sounds like a good idea, and you might want to wear glasses . Check the packaging if you have it to make sure it is safe? You can seal charcoal with a fine spray of milk or even hairspray if you dont want to use fixative which can make you cough and your nose run!

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      4. It’s not the spray doing it. It think its pigment of pastels. And yea I need to be more organized and equipped.
        I have a problem with fixatives..they change tha tones of the whole work..whites just vanish and everything becomes darker. It’s annoying. I like it unfixed but it’s so hard to handle. Some of my works have just sirf of faded laying around only. I think it blows with the wind.


      5. You have to get them framed with a deep frame and a gap behind the mounting board so the pastel dust falls behind. Really soft pastels don’t fix well.,they rely on the “tooth” of the paper to stick. You can buy paper that feels like sandpaper. I went to a workshop with a woman that just does pastel drawings. Fascinating finding out about it.

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      6. Yea now the paper i have for final works (including this one) do have tooth. They are specifically for charcoal and pastels.
        I read the same about framing. For now I have framed it in a normal ikea frame and removed the Matt. It’s ok for now. Had to put it in my home so I new if it goes wrong I will fix it.

        Pastel is a indeed fascinating medium 🙂


  1. It is interesting you say it isn’t your kind of art. That’s one of the lovely things about art, there is no right or wrong, if someone likes it then it’s good.
    I think you have done a really beautiful picture and I really like it. It is my cup of tea. 🙂

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