Riot against numbers and fate..

It’s hard to label yourself. In fact it’s a bit unfair.

But a point comes when you set out to explore your identity. Yourself.

I am on a rampage. A crazy experiment.

A never-ending chain of trail and error.

You can tell when something repels from your soul like same poles of magnets and something fuses into it perfectly.

I am on a intimidating and equally overwhelming journey.

This is a mixture of a battleground and a circus.

Losses, pain, excitement everything under one tiny tent.

My real life..this life..books..and art!

Feels like I am living 4 different lives.

Today I woke up extremely tired. But I still have that joy waiting to explode that touched a new height yesterday.

I stumbled upon works of 2 women expressionist artists, Marianne Von Werefkin and Gabriele Münter .. I lost my mind.

I can’t give words to my emotional state.

I felt an instant connection and it was empowering to say the least. My hands are shaking a little.

You know that feeling when you have been looking for something for so long and suddenly you are standing right in front of it.

Finding a lost child.

You can feel the emotions conveyed rippling in your heart.

I am not adding information from the internet here you can always google the two names and find tons of it.

I am sharing here what I felt.

It’s joy of discovering yourself.

And it doesn’t come to you on first few steps. It might take months, years, decades but you have to keep trying.

You don’t have to stop.

Throw the numbers out of the window.

I repeat. Do not stop!

Few days back I got into conversations that were condensed form of all the cultural crap i have ever heard with the last line ‘give up and stop trying. Things don’t work the way you are thinking. Accept your fate.’

The Everest-sized pile of shit got me sick. Literally. I have been unwell. I spiralled non-stop.

But then I told myself ..’Okay then. I will work harder and prove them wrong’.

And then I looked at works of these two artists and I magically felt stronger.

So don’t stop. Let them say whatever.

Things can be tough but if you surrender you are losing without trying.

And if you don’t, you keep working on your chances of victory.

Never give up on youself!

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