Sketching in kitchen – charcoal sketch

Wanted to rough practice on meddling hint if colour with charcoal like a work I did some time back.

And what better place than kitchen when you are cooking for a family of 10.

Invited a big family for dinner and have shit load of work and still felt like sketching or I could die..I get that kinda urge at times..

Well.. i am at peace a little.. here it is..

It’s a random rough sketch..

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32 thoughts on “Sketching in kitchen – charcoal sketch

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  1. I am blown away by your artwork and poetry. You have so much talent, I must admit to a sliver of envy. I can write, but I can’t even draw stick people adequately. Keep up the amazing work, you are an amazing talent.

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    1. Aw I am truely humbled.
      Thank you so much. You wouldn’t believe my what i posted as my first drawing here. People couldnt tell if it’s a boat or rocket..its been 1 year.
      So I believe if you are passionate enough about something it’s start calling you at some point.
      Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment. 🙂


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