Gym Chronicles # 11

Cried for 5 minutes on treatmill…that’s so not me!

And I felt I cried a nile at least.

But this melodrama barely lasted for 5 minutes..

And my face was all dry.

No tears no sweat..

Just a teeny tiny tear stuck on annoying I swear.

Oh.. reporting live from gym again guys

Went all giggly in this 1 to 1 and a half month break.

So ..back to tears..

Then i was like.. drama queen! Get a life!!

So I switch a supremely trashy song..

And why i did that??

It has 1 minute of loud boom boom bam!

And i need boom.boom.bam!

Or boom boom dhush!!!

So yea.. songs on shuffle is quite a challenge but helps with trauma. Pulls your attention away from real life problems. It’s a therapy trust me.

Because it makes you wonder…there’s alot of disasters going on in the world like crappy movies and ear infection inducing music.

Treatmill ain’t electrocuting this means it hasn’t been cleaned today.



I know how it works!!

I am a genius!

Fuck! it’s just been 25 minutes and I feel I might have to be airlifted upstairs.


That’s all for now..

Will go home and make this post pretty.

Was dying to announce publicly ‘i am at gym again’


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