Row row row your boat..

Well shit happens

Sometimes shit becomes a chewing gum and keeps stretching..

But keep rowing guys..

You don’t really have choice.

I am seriously disappointed beyond believe by most of the people.

But i have a solid clan standing by me. One of them at least is all the time with me.

It’s a big thing! Having people who genuinely care about you unconditionally.

I was in a severe panick attack and i just knew i have no hope. In the middle of the night. My friend who doesn’t even know my real name found a helpline in my country and told them the scenario..when i was like no no its of no use.

But later i felt better at least i have some backup in emergency. This girl doesnt know me and live in another country. But she was there..i wonder how come our own people don’t see we need them badly.

I mean..i have people. I am not alone. Sometimes i tell my real life friends “dont worry she is online” and then they calm down. Lol.

So yea. I am not alone definitely. I have genuinely loving caring people with me.

By the help from God and friends i am still alive..and havent had a heart attack yet.

I got a few frames today..planning to sell seriously nervous i have never sold anything like that. I have done professional baking for a very short while but everything my family handled i just baked and all. Selling marketing finance all of that they handled. I was just doing manufacturing.

So i dont know what i am going to do now.

Random question. What kind of art you would pay for? Portrait? Abstract portrait? Landscape? Animals? Abstract?? Calligraphy?

I would love to know

I stupidly smiled at this small cup for like 10 15 minutes..

Took random pics..

Sometimes little things just give you a sense of achievement. Some peace that you are doing something. Moving forward.

You haven’t frozen in time.

It helps a ton.

Sometimes you really have to find reasons.

Little reasons that make you feel alive at least. That saves you from that sense of hopelessness and defeat.

So yea.. doing that.. cant promise myself how long i can do this. Sort of fooling myself. Diverting my mind from the disaster. But it’s helping..

That’s all folks!


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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  1. Did you buy the cup? Maybe it’s just what you need!
    Cat Pictures, Pictures with lots of Purple (No Pink), Purple Cat Pictures! Lol

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