Happy Birthday Sam!

God: …..so this is what your life is going to be on earth.

Me: woah what a mess!

God: Some people have it worse..

Me: Some.

God: Yea but i will send somebody for you.

Me: When?

God: Few month after i send you

Me: A sibling??

God: Few months?!?!?

Me: ohk..

God: A friend. She will be your best friend. Your soul twin. You both will be connected at heart.

Me: okay.. so when, where and how am i going to find her?

God: In school. In 5th grade. You probably won’t have many problems before that so it seems to be the right time.

Me: Ok.. then?

God: Then she will be there with you forever. Somebody you can always count on.

Me: How is she?

God: Simple adoreable and a beautiful soul. She is the calm sensible and patient one.

Me: And me?

God: Do i even need to tell you that??

Me: Umm ok.

…then everything went as planned. This supercool perfect girl has been by my side since the day we met at school.

We were 5th graders but we set our rules that we will be honest we will never lie or judge each other. And we never broke our rules.

Today is birthday of my sister from another mother.

Wish i was there..miss you terribly.

Happy birthday meri jaan xoxo

Stay blessed forever!

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