Day 26 – Senses – Reblog

A poem by another friend who joined us on MHA drive. She wrote this poem when she was in a dark place, pretty much sums it all for a lot of us.

Please do check she’s got quite and artistic blog.

Author Ally Aldridge

Like a rain cloud that cannot be seen

You sense the threat of rain

Like energy in the air

Being sucked away from your being

You put on a brave face

To distract them from the shadows

Every breath is an effort

You feel like you’ve run a marathon

Living is like breaking nails

A tireless journey with no respite

Your desperate for the ending

To cut it short with a knife

Food tastes has no appeal

Like eating cotton wool

The weight on your shoulders

Feels like heavy boulders

Hearing others happy and laugh

You want to drown in a bath

Submerged under the watery bliss

Bubbles tickling your nose like a mother’s kiss

You can’t get out of bed

For the doctor to give you meds

Little pills to numb your feelings

Not really offering any healing

Don’t speak and lock your jaw

To others you slam your inner…

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10 thoughts on “Day 26 – Senses – Reblog

Add yours

    1. I am glad the poem gave you relief rather than taking you back there. I am in a much better place now too but I am aware of the dark shadows waiting. I think I’m better at stopping them in their tracks because I’ve acknowledged it and can address it early on before it consumes me. I hope you continue to stay in your happy place x

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me. It really is an hour. I’ll write a post thanking you and telling people about your blog. I can see you are helping so many people in knowing they are not alone x

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