Struggling with Depression- Reblog

Ok guys another reblog.
this lovely girl shared this post specifically on MHA post so I am reblogging this one. but I read her other content too and it’s like she is speaking for so many of us, very relatable.
Go check her blog please.

Be Brave. Be KiNd. Be Curious.

I’m struggling with my depression. To cope I am saying my affirmations out loud three times. Along with a lot of deep breaths. But this depression is getting to me. I’m feel as if my consciousness keeps repeating negative thoughts. At the moment I’ve been obsessing over the messages I read. They oh so nicely end my relationship of a year and some. I just thought you would better, understand my state of mind. In the beginning I felt numb. I felt nothing. I can’t think straight. I can hardly write without negative thoughts. I’m glad I’m working a lot lately. The key is staying as busy as I can. Any help tips?

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  1. It’s so important to have this safe place to express ourselves. Especially important with the light shined again on mental health during this past week with the passing of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. We should never think just because someone has “made it” to whatever goals we think of as aspirational that they do not have their own deep problems as well. No one is free of despair in this life of ours.

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    1. world is a rough dark place and I completely agree with your words.
      I have been writing about it since the beginning of this blog. then I wrote after Chester Benington’s suicide.. than my own 2 suicide ideation..
      that end of April my dad went manic and I started this whole idea of spreading awareness..I don’t know if you have checked everything is under mental health category on my blog. 157 friends have joined me so far in this effort and they keep coming.

      it’s not one times thing. it has to be worked on constantly. the subject needs attention all the time. it’s hard to see the struggles behind success mostly they are harsh.


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