Negative grandiosity – Reblog

Here I am reblogging post of the very first person who joined me on my mental health awareness mission. Can’t thank her enough.

Please feel free to reach out, read, talk and be there for each other.


A lot of us claim to be humble.  Humility is the idea that we are not the best.  We are not the only one out there.  There are many like us, many better than us.  We can acknowledge our skills, but not brag about them.

But at the same time, a lot of us (without telling others) act as if others are more important.  It seems to be related to humility, but off in a self serving way.  Contradictory, I know.  I’ll try, but no guarantees I’ll get it out right.

Humility is a spectrum.  One one end, you have the “not humble.”  That person who says they are the best and acts as if they are the only person on earth who can do or say or think that way.

Then on the other end is the “humble” person.  This person will serve others needs or ideas before themselves. …

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