A Promise..#writephoto

I scream my lungs out

I keep crying and shrieking

Holding my knees

So that I don’t fall from shaking in rage

I feel blood running

In thinnest veins of my brain

Burning hot lava

I can feel my throat scarring

The veins of on my neck

Thrusting against my skin

Pushing to explode

And free the violent storm

Of a secret concoction of venom and acid

That has been brewing since ages now

But I can’t stop screaming

It’s hurting

But I can’t stop

My heart wildly pounding my ribs

Any moment

I am going fall apart

My every cell is resisting

Holding tightly on life

Digging and dragging its nails

Scratching trails of desperate struggles

On my soul as it begs to depart

But what do you care?

Since when rocks start caring?

Rocks don’t have ears,

Let alone a heart

No matter what color nature dress them in..

No matter where it places them…

Be it a forest

Or a castle..

It doesn’t soften them

Doesn’t straighten

Their failed Skewed philosophies

I stop for a brief moment

And rub my eyes

I look hard through the haze

There’s nothing left in me

No anger..no agony..

Not even sympathy

I straighten myself

And walk away


I’ll never talk to rocks again..

– For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.


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