Let’s talk- it’s important.

Last 15 days I have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride that I cannot just put in words. Reading about people struggling with vicious demons within their own bodies gives you shocks and shudders literally.

I made MHA post on 27th April and since then all my energies are directed towards its success.

Now a few facts.

I am not someone who suffers from major mental health issue. I struggle with anxiety (insomnia because of that), occasional episodes of depression..that’s all. But I won’t put myself in that category after whatever I have been reading on the subject.

I have been managing it well with the help of my friends and blog.

I dived into it to have a better understanding and forward the same.

This is not a mental health blog, this wont be. I am just gathering mental health fighters here. they have proper blogs that should be referred to for details.

Ever heard of human libraries?? It’s people telling there stories.

So I want the MHA post to be a little human library that is easily accessible to readers (including me) when they want to know what it is like.

On one hand people will know how real this problem is. About lives of people who fight a mental illness and then fight the judgements thrown their way.

Part of the reason of taking this initiative is to overcome the judgement part..it’s just cruel.

On the other hand it’s going to give hope to the people suffering in silence with the same and their loved ones. That there are so many people in the same boat who are Rebelling bravely against this demon 24/7 and living their lives, writing..blogging!

And blogging can be real work I swear!

I plan to continue doing this as long as I have this blog and energy to do so. I will keep on looking for conditions and approaching people. It’s definitely going to slow down with time but it will continue. Right now I am aggressively working on it as I want to cover as many disorders as I can before circulating it.

Right now our little library has 94 books in it. It’s poorly drafted for now as I am focusing on reaching people right now. Feel free to read and talk it’s going to help all of us.

This bring me to something else I really wanted to talk.

When I made Suicide post I volunteered to be there for anyone who needs to talk and vent and needs a shoulder to cry on.

Two friends approached me and we talked one of them still talks occasionally and he is doing absolutely fine and last I checked 2nd one was fine too.

The point is it took me nothing to be available for someone in need of help. Now, not everyone maybe having that kind of time but if you do please lend your ears to people. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen.

I will apply the same here too.

I am here whenever you need to talk. You can reach me through contact form. If I am up I will reply.

Whatever I have been hearing/reading in past 15 days made me realize one thing. Smaller issues grow into big disasters over years. If you detect them on time you can really help yourself. And if you detect them in a loved one of yours, help them too.

There is no shame in having a proactive approach when it comes to health.

Take care of yourselves and people around you.



Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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24 thoughts on “Let’s talk- it’s important.

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  1. I was reproached by a reader, on my last post, who said, in effect, can’t you write about anything else? The answer: I write about what’s on mind and in heart-period. Thank you for being here for the distraught and the forlorn.

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      1. Ahaha people just being people 🙂
        It’s our venting space where else will we go?? So just avoid such comments even thinking about it is waste of energy.
        Few days back i got a negative comment i was triggered for days..now i think i wasted my energy..

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  2. If you don’t yet know about this online publication, I highly recommend you visit this link https://themighty.com/mental-health/

    The Mighty gave me a voice and a tribe with whom I could relate on so many levels it felt like coming home. It is where people with all sorts of disabilities go to share their story to help others feel less alone.

    I think you just might find your own tribe of warriors who can walk beside you on your journey to help others.

    Best of luck in your endeavor, may it be a blessing to you and others.


    Liked by 1 person

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