Hyper and Happy!

Been busy with mental health awareness post. So my own rambling have been on hold for a while.

Or maybe I have been doing it and I don’t remember.

My brain cells have lost their own minds now.


Day before yesterday all of it took a toll on me. A very good blog friend here (Asma) emailed me separately to slow down a little but my own system had jump on a bullet train without brakes it was crazy situation.

It got a little serious when my head actually started hurting and I could sort of smell blood.

Now my friend unicorn (that’s not her real name) has worked for a pharmaceutical giant and she is overall a sensible unicorn.

So I called her. On hello she knew somethings up. I asked her can I have Xanax..i got a big stern NO!.

I said just one.

Again NO

Then some pleas and NOs back and forth and then she explained why I shouldn’t take it…that part I have forgotten sorry.

But then she said ok talk to me…and we talked.

She let me vent out. We talked about random stuff. Ended up talking about Biryani and how it’s our “national (desi) anti-depressant” and other stupid buffooneries igniting turbulent dopey fits of Laughter.

To celebrate I ordered biryani, like I was just waiting for an excuse.

A post on desi anti-depressant is under-construction already.

Then Zazu (my childhood friend and my evil kermit) called. Resulting in another outlet to vent out all the stress.

Then Sam..seriously I am so blessed.

Well the point is, rest of the day I took a little break talked to friends and enjoyed biryani.

Refreshed and then came back to the mission.

I am so so grateful for each one of you who visited the post and/or participated. This means the world to me right now.

Right now 89 people have volunteered to share their story with us to help raising awareness about one of the biggest demon of our era.

If i am sending invitation twice thrice to the same person, I’m sorry they are because conditions overlap.

And if i have missed out anyone and you are reading please feel free to join in.

It’s taking a shape of support group you guys can reach out to each other there too. Who else can understand better than people in the same boat.

Over all I am hyper and happy.

That’s all folks!


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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