Engraving Hope #writephoto

I like to play with darkness..

My own tagline echoed somewhere in the dark corridors of my mind. The maze of concrete I run around just for the sake of running, not to find a way out, really.

Sounds strange. I know. But that’s how it is.

I had a thorough look at reference image again. It was black. Very black. My kind of black.

I rigorously started scratching the paper with charcoal vine and smudged it with my hands.

Layer after layer. To darken the grays to sable which is almost impossible.

But you have to keep trying. Untill the darkness touches your soul. You will know when that happens. When you stop running in that dark maze.

Your feet and hands work in sync magically.

And that moment arived. It ended up slate gray though.

And my hands looked like i am a car mechanic or a coal mine worker.

So did my face by scratching and rubbing with constant anxiousness.

I laid down charcoal on the side with rest of art materials and wiped my hands considerably clean with a disinfectant wipe.

My eyes glued to the picture.

I took a deep breath and picked eraser.

Now comes the part..

Where my soul spreads it wings and take a flight.

I started erasing the parts where i wanted lighter tones.

This is where we feed our egos, our hero complex.

It’s not about dark. It’s about the lights we pull out of it.

I had a good look at all the light sources. The sunlight blazing at the window then flowing on stairs like river and casting a sharp reflection on the railing.

The wall light next to the window.

I think there is another window upstairs…

Less brighter blocks of light hitting the walls.

I started erazing charcoal unveiling cream paper underneath.

Then i took chalk and further highlighted radiant areas like window, wall light and reflection on railing..

I rested my eyes for a while and looked at the complete drawing and couldn’t help smiling to myself in satisfaction.

When asked about favourite medium i always say ‘i like to play with darkness’ when the truth is by doing so i am tricking my mind into believing there is happiness hidden under the layers of gloom.

It’s my own way of engraving the concept of hope on my subconscious.

– For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.


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