Glass bubble.

Ever been in a state where you feel someone you love is trapped in a glass Bubble.

If you go close it will break and hurt them.

If you don’t..every moment you feel you both will die of longing.

That’s how i feel about dad all the time

It’s a lose lose situation.


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9 thoughts on “Glass bubble.

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  1. You don’t lose until you think you are losing. Every cloud has its silver lining.Never ever let those negative thoughts shake up that hope..Things might seem bleak but trust me, they are definitely going to change

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    1. I talked to dad today. I wanted him to rest but he really wanted to talk. So we did.
      Now i am so disturbed. If i tell you i can feel blood running through my veins in the head it wont be exaggeration.
      So upset nobody is even telling me whats exactly happening there. So many lies confusions.
      I will talk to my cousin and maybe will be needed your help too.

      I am trying to divert my mind but its not helping. Something will happen to me now


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