Run run RUN!!

What do you do to divert effect of one Abrupt big bang??

A 2nd induced big bang..

I don’t even know what i am saying i am too hyper.

My system is on auto-pilot..brakes have failed..and there is a boulder on accelerator..

Am i making any sense?? I am trying to..

Let’s talk about induced big little impulsive effort to spread awareness on mental health issues.

It’s not about the month. I promise. My dad is still in hospital and it will take weaks to just calm him down a little. I am not even talking about it. As there are questions involved that i cant hear answers to.


To our mission.

It’s been 5 days and we have 55 or so fighters on board already. Thank you so much each one of you.

I am calling fighters because mental health warriors already is a thing..well. we will get to it later. We are not making it a brand or something as yet.

I plan to continue doing this long as i can. We will see how to do so.

I sound nutso don’t i??

I don’t know.

I am doing everything extra so that my brain is occupied. Getting tired alot too.

Anxiety at it’s peak. But it’s not bad anxiety.

Anxiety has its own rainbow of like a million colours. You know which one you are having and you can’t really explain.

Well right now it’s a productive one.

So far i was looking for posts on mental health conditions in wp reader. So far searched for PTSD Bipolar psychosis schizophrenia OCD.

Now it’s all trail and error.

I sorted them by relevance…that was a mistake. Alot of blogs are pretty much dormant. Relevant but inactive. I still sent invites and realised i wasted time.

I am sending 100s of invites everyday. It’s work!

Then another problem. When you have a link in your comment they land in spam comments. And if people don’t check spam folder your invitation and time gets wasted again.

See. We are learning so much.

So far i don’t have a solution for 2nd problem. If you know anything let me know please.

I am sending like 100 invitations getting hardly 10 links.

Somewhere things are getting lost.

People who are following me already and have mental health issues please do join the cause i might miss someone of my invitation maybe stuck in spam.

Now i will sort by date so at least i reach to active blogs.

The rest i don’t know…i am running running running…

You know what i am avoiding.. there is one thing that will break me.

When dad comes to senses for a few minutes what does he think?? Does he know what’s happening. This shouldn’t happen. He wont be able to handle this. I am just pushing this 1 thought aside 24/7.

We will all handle our lives. What about what he is feeling?

Well. I shouldn’t think about it right now.

I am stuck here between 2 surgeons on my own stupid mass. Both are holding scalper ‘It’s pseudotumor’..’no no its maningioma’

Whatever it is just take it out!!!


I will go talk to bro.

Poor kid has to handle so many responsibilities at once he is losing hope.

And oh about hope.

I thank you all again.

When my dad returns i will show all these links to him. I will tell him ‘see, look at all these people living writing BLOGGING…you are a genius already get up, wear your glasses, pick your files and fuck this world with your pen (i wont say this he will kill me)’

Well i my tongue is having anxiety too i better go.

You all are just too amazing 😊


Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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17 thoughts on “Run run RUN!!

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  1. I try to tell you the same thing you intended for your father, and yet you don’t listen Alyana. 😀 😀 😀 We are awesome, but it takes one to know one, so you are awesome too. Never forget that. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you are right. but when I dont do the reality starts hitting me.
      my feel are sore and hurting but I can even sit still im just too nervous. at least this anchors me for a while.

      I know everything I am doing sounds crazy right now but if it invades my brain…I know I wont be able to handle it.

      btw I love the candle burning both ends line from of my favs 🙂


  2. Here’s a thought. It may not help much but I provide it anyway.

    The Big Bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago (give or take a week or so) and at that point everything was put in motion. EVERYTHING. One bit of matter bumped into another bit of matter and changed the trajectory of both and they, in turn hit other bits of matter and more trajectories were altered …. and so on.

    Suddenly here we are 13.7 billion years later and we can look backwards towards the Big Bang. I have a cut on my foot that happened when I stepped on a piece of glass that came from a bottle that was dropped by a girl who had been drinking too much because she had just broken up with her boyfriend because he was unfaithful to her last Tuesday night when she didn’t turn up at a party because her car had broken down due to a faulty spark plug that had been poorly made by a Chinese man who was upset because his wife had just slept with a another man and etc, etc, etc.

    If I trace the chain of events back 13.7 billion years then eventually I arrive at that first collision of two it’s of matter.

    Sooooo……. whatever is happening to you now was actually due to an accident 13.7 billion years ago. From that moment EVERYTHING became (despite the apparently random nature of things) inevitable. What is happening today was always going to happen. It is beyond your control. Self-determination is an illusion.

    And how about this ……… ? You have just read my silly theory. In an attempt to debunk it you radically alter an important decision you had planned to make – thereby putting the course of history on a different trajectory. Does that work? No. You were always going to read this post just as surely as I was always going to write it. Your reaction to it was always going to be the same (I am guessing….boredom).

    The very next thing that you do (a blink of your left eye, scratching your nose) was pre-ordained 13.7 billion years ago.

    So don’t get too hung up on what you should do about the shit that is happening in your life. This is the way it was always going to be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. please tell me you are a philosopher! you have to be!
      where are your books?? I am sure there are tons published already if there aren’t..what are you waiting for.

      you are lord of distractions 😆 how to you just shove me on an untitled train and take me to a journey I haven’t imagine..unbelievable.

      I dont get surprised easily..look at my

      but your comment always does the job.
      write a book I will promote it!
      and thanks alot 🙂


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