Concept Gone Astray- Soft Pastels 

Every time I start an art experiment I end up with something totally different from what I had in mind initially.

I just had 2 blank pages left in sketchbook. One for charcoal work (i tinted that already) another for anything else.

Since its been a long time and I was clueless I went for anything abstract as usual and whats better than soft pastels for abstract..well there tons of things but I am comfortable with dry mediums mostly.

So. I had a concept in mind..just a vague hazy concept of incorporating evil eye and angel wing.

I started…

and this is what I ended up with…


I know I know..

I was thinking the same..

THAT is not an angel wing…if you see and angel with wings like that…RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

That cannot be an angel…that’s probably a sea monster!

Now THAT is a fancy evil eye ..she just returned from a party or something. But it looks a little mad too so maybe she didn’t like food there..

People think and plan and then execute an art project for me the process goes in I am sitting here looking at it trying to make sense.

But then it’s abstract so making sense isn’t that important right?


So that’s just concept gone astray…AGAIN!

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35 thoughts on “Concept Gone Astray- Soft Pastels 

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      1. Same here. I am a misfit almost everywhere.
        Recently i am facing a serious dilema. Every few years i get bored/ tired of a place/phase/situation and then i have this urge to get out of it asap.
        Its not just getting bored..staying in that state starts making me uncomfortable.
        Sometimes i wonder what going to happen to me if it keeps happening forever…and it scares me now.

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      2. I’m 53 now and always felt that way and lived that way. 5 countries in three different continents and moving within the countries. I don’t know why and I find it quite amazing that you feel the same way. Don’t be scared, it’s not a bad thing.

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      3. you know it instills uncontrollable restiveness when I am at closure of one phase. its like my mind quits when it wants me to get out. and then I start hating everything around me no matter how perfect it is for the world.
        it does scare me now. at my age people already worry about future and look for some sort of stability. im 30. and if it stays like that at 35 I will be still running away from wherever I am.
        I cant blame people and situations every time. maybe its me then.

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      4. I am no wiser at 53 than I was at 30. But I’ll say this as a general observation made through my life. Nothing is binary as I use to perceive life before.
        There is generally a balance between things, big and small and sometimes the reality or truth is in the middle. I say this because most of us bipolars usually jump from one extreme to another, including yours truly,

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      5. I wish I knew how to reach any sort of balance. I literally live on extreme ends of resister. numb or hyper. thats why it bothers me now either im obsessed with something or just stop caring. I cant find a balance.
        this urge of running away from things make me analyze myself and now I am questioning do I have commitment issues? I cant stick to 1 thing for a long time.

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  1. Right. Making sense isn’t the goal of the abstract, and it is fun to have others analyze it, that way you can see if a lot of people are seeing the same thing. It does look a bit angry, but my first thought before I read your blog was I wish I could see the whole face. It could be a new creature from Where the Wild Things Are. ☺️

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    1. yes it fun to read what people think it gives to many dimentions to one art or it tells you one general perspective. I enjoy it.
      I actually plan to make the full face.. I am practicing portrait proportions I always get them wrong.
      thanks alot for visiting its always fun to read your comment and talk to you.
      take care 🙂

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