Gym Chronicles # 6

Today the treadmill almost electrocuted me I am not making it up!

There was so much static gathered on it I was scared to touch it throughout..

That brings another tiny problem. When my hands are free and I am treading and listening to music…you already guessed it right?? You know where it’s going..

I started dancing every now and then..

With that..all compartments of my head were working at once.

I was scared of electric shocks.

Slightly embarrassed..i can’t dance..

Happy..i don’t know why..

Paranoid..hoping nobody is watching

Well I was alone thank God!

Too much multi-thinking for my already overworked brain.

Well. Being raised in middle class family of developing country teaches you to squeeze the most benefit of almost everything.

When we were kids we suddenly saw this human repeller in our dining room.

Turns out it was my mom’s anniversary gift. (how sweet)

Entire day my mom was over the moon like she bought a personal jet or something. Very proud (partially so that we wouldn’t laugh at her)

Within days it turned into a hanger.. clothes that can’t go anywhere go on treadmill..

Then your genius friend came up with an idea to milk it further.

We had a big family so there was always alot of cacophony going on..and everybody stayed away from treadmill like it carries some contagious disease.

So…i started using as a phone-booth, or let’s say a phone-bed.

Most of my teens I would lay on it and have long chats with my friends on phone. No disturbance at peaceful..

Today’s Micro electric shocks somehow nudged those sleeping memories..

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