Anything but Sane..

I am pacing
Pacing wild
Like a restless lioness
Suffering in pain..

My heart hammering
My lungs bursting
I am sweating
In this pelting rain..

I am smiling broad
And so is my soul
After what feels like ages
I am feeling okay again..

I am running
In a network of overlapping circles
Not skipping a single line
I am looking like a train

That horrid dark void
Finally spitted me out
I am surprised to be alive
Frightful darkness drove me insane..

My bones hurt
By running so fast
But physical pain is a feather
Weighed against that fetal bane..

Maybe that’s what
I am meant to be
A live wire, shooting sparks
Or a lazy pigeon with a hyper brain..

Crazy is my standard
I don’t mind being the weirdest in town
I can handle catastrophes
As long as I’m anything but sane..

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved



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