An inefficient post.


Whats that?? Never heard that word. Lol!

Well. Guys I have too much work to deal with these days so probably everything is becoming a little inefficient…including this post maybe..

I am taking gym a bit more seriously since last week. I did write a few gym chronicles but they weren’t as good so I just left them.. workout is important we can talk about it when it’s worth reading.

I am working on my resumé these days. I came across a website Its nice and makes sense. If you know any other such site let me know.

Resumed praying. Not doing it regularly, not even close. but it has given me confidence I was lacking. I am a little less afraid of consequences.

Yesterday I actually devised a schedule for myself because seriously time flies so fast. A day starts you blink and it ends..

I am trying to find some balance.

I haven’t been eating healthy lately so this time I got less junk and more fruits and vegetables in grocery because I can feel I am dehydrated and lethargic. I have gained back all the weight I lost.

Have to resume work on novel asap! I just need to alot time to it as well. Same goes for reading… my shelf looks like a graveyard. No movement there recently.

Have to complete a blog post I am working on. It’s about “before trilogy”; before sunrise, before sunset, before midnight. love before sunrise!

Dying to get my hands dirty in charcoal and pastels but thats not priority right now..maybe I will because its been a long time.

my poor guitar..sometimes I forget I even have one.

Well. When you know your problems you can work on them.

I am out of depression (i think so)

Now it’s like damage control phase.

Trying to do repairs. And so far it’s going great.

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  1. Finally you are doing something creative that keeps you happy. You are out of that zone that keeps summoning rainy clouds. I like this version of you. Also, get some fresh air and stare at the Sun at least for fifteen minutes a day. 😀

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