Missing Element..#whitephoto

A: Bubble-mint!

B: Ahaha. close..

A: Or .. baskin robbin’s cotton candy!

B: Closer..

A: This place is giving me diabetes i swear.

B: Hmm but its beautiful. Isn’t it?? How often do you find a color palette like that in nature..

A: I don’t know. You could use this theme to decorate nursery of some hospital.

B: Not a bad idea..

A: And that…a bowl sitting in the middle of this sugary mess.

B: That’s the best part of this location.

A: Looks like some foreign object, a stone accidentally fell into ice-cream… it’s going to trigger all sorts of pain in whoever gets it.

B: All sorts of pain??

A: Yea. Physical mental emotional??

B: Emotional?? Can you stop being dramatic for a change?

A: Look, you won’t understand as you suffer from serious deficit of emotions..

B: Okay drama queen can you stay quite for a moment i need to focus here.

A: Umm..ok..my lips are sealed..(her words overflowed sarcasm)

Through lens he saw her silhouette floating gracefully as she walked and rested against that odd rock.

She carelessly combed her fingers through her messy dense hair, folded her arms and started studying the horizon. Lost.

He witnessed a slow transition of expression on her face, like somebody was very carefully rotating a kaleidoscope until it went blank.

He was looking at a different person. Her tiny bod felt like a huge abyss that could suck all the colours around.


The thought sent a chill down his spine.

The moment he looked at the complete picture his eyes shone and a winning smile split across his face.

He had found the missing element of his perfect picture.

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.


10 thoughts on “Missing Element..#whitephoto

  1. I love your stories. I feel like you can write the most boring topic the most interesting way. 😀 You really are good at this storytelling. 😀 Ahh, you did this so great. 😀


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