Where’s she?

How long have i been sleeping?
Submerged into this surreal slumber
Lost into valleys
Of my kingdom of dreams..

Light torches my eyes as i open them
Noises pierce my ears and slice my mind
My voice…i think i lost it..

How long it’s been?
Since the last time i looked at real world
With my sanity intact..and my senses functional

Did i die?? Have i been dead??
I have something on my arms..damp soil..
Like i have been buried..i can smell it..

Have i been crying?..my eyes are so puffy..
They feel like red hot pieces of burning coal
Everything’s blur and it hurts..

Have i been screaming??
My throat is sore..my lungs feel heavy..
I feel smothered…defeated..

The weather changed..when??
How come i didn’t see the chill of the night
Mellowing down.. the nights getting warmer..

What time is it..the clocks are frozen..
When did the needles stop??
I lost the track of time again..

There’s eerie silence in my cave
The walls are hiding something from me
There’s a secret behind every brick..

My footsteps dont sound like mine.
Whose steps are these??
Who is meandering my home .. wearing my body..

Whats happening?? Where was I captivated all along??
Which world do i believe now??
I feel i don’t belong to any of them..
Who am i??
….And where is she??

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


12 thoughts on “Where’s she?

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  1. Your footsteps don’t sound like you…..that is very telling. Even if you were meandering your footsteps would still be recognizable as yours. I hope you will find you somewhere in the mist and the ether.

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      1. You may find her or you may not. I emerged from a black hole I had fallen down into in my twenties and when I clambered out of that hole I was a different person and I have never looked back. Lots of good things and happy times have happened with the new person or perhaps I should say the “different” person. So don’t despair you may find her or you may find a new her. Either can be positive.


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