Attention Ladies!

It’s women’s day.

I am not a stereotypical feminist.

I look at things on human level regardless of the differences.

But there are a few things I need to say to women today.

10 year back I thought I am just an equal to any guy.

5 – 6 years back I was still thinking on the same lines.

Truth hits you when you step out of confines of your home and face the world.

You parents may have given you the best of everything. Your friends may have supported you in everything without telling you, “you are a woman you are not supposed to do that”

But the world isn’t like that. We need to be strong and wear horse blinders to all the negativity, judgement and criticism that’s thrown our way everyday.

Most of the world is still facing serious cultural problems when it comes to the treatment towards women and their rights.

There are cases when a woman is educated and well aware of her rights but choose to live a miserable life as the other option will end up hurting people around her.

It’s psychological and emotional pressures that we surrender to.

You only realize worth of women of your family when they are not around.

When the pressures like that we need to acknowledge our own worth. We need to value every cell of our existence.

I thought I was skinny when I was ok. Then I thought I was fat when I was in ideal range..i regretted calling myself fat before when I actually exceeded that range.

Don’t shame yourself there always be someone fatter skinnier shorted taller darker whatever…

The point is. Trying to stay healthy is something else but don’t ever degrade yourself.

So don’t feel bad about your marks of individuality..i don’t use the word “imperfections”

Because outside the circle of people who genuinely love you, the world is full of people who are ever ready to scrutinize you with hawk eyes.

It’s hard to feel good about yourself when life isn’t that kind towards you. That’s when you need to be kind to yourself..because no one else will be..

There are so many problems I don’t know where to begin and where to end.

I will just focus on this one point. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

We all are humans. We all make mistakes. Nobody has time to remember our mistakes and if they do, let them. Some people don’t have anything better to do. And they will judge you the way they want no matter what you do for them.

So just be nice and kind towards your own self first.

A point will come you will worry about the people and circumstances a little less as you will know there’s one person that genuinely cares about you and will always be there … and that’s YOU only!

Happy women’s Day! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Attention Ladies!

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  1. I wasn’t even going to think about women’s dayuntil I read this. Like you, I have always considered myself equal to men, even if others thought I shouldn’t do this or that because I am a woman. I can use this day to celebrate myself. Thank you. Nice post!

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      1. I think the tables have turned and men are getting a bit of a raw deal, with the whole me too movement. I am all for tanding up for yourself against sexual abuse of course, but it’s like men will be afraid to ask anyone out for a date soon. Everything is getting called inappropriate or sexual misconduct.

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      2. Its sad when people start abusing a right they got after a long tough battle.
        This was the time finally it was becoming easier for women to come forward and report such heinous act. It should have been valued. The right and the time and should be used to save lives and help people.
        This is such a sensitive topic i still think this was necessary. Somebody needs to speak up. At least this will scare a potential predator that there is some accountability.

        In my part of world we have a long journey to cover to reach a sane point. People are so deeply buried in cultural pressures it just keep on ruining life of youngsters overall.

        And if a nice guy asks out a girl and she calls it’s the girl’s loss.

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      3. The awareness of sexual assault is an important movement. I wish it happened years ago, especially with pedophiles, especially by priests, teachers, coaches, police officers. These people we trust with our kids, it is a shame that some ruin it. Pressures are insane these days, esepcially for children.

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      4. true that.
        and its a challenge for parents to train kids for the world we live in.
        I saw my sis and bro in law working so hard on the training them mentally and emotionally I am actually proud of them. they are maintaining a good balance. kids are so volatile its hard to handle them.

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  2. As Richard Feynman wrote, “What do you care what people think?” That’s what my mom taught me. My dad taught me that Intimidation is a four-letter and to not let anyone do it to me. Thanks, folks.

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    1. That’s awesome.
      May parents were just too perfect they taught us dont burden your conscience. And we ended up being people pleasers and succumbed to the culture and norms in alot of ways. We can’t hurt and disappoint our parents..this is just too much pressure.
      We are just a confused mess. With having potential and yet being losers


  3. So true… and my takeaway from your post is ‘we need to be kind to ourselves’. I think thats what most of us neglect in the first place when we should actually prioritise it.

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