Reporting live.

Reporting live from outside my buidling.

This is most hillarious fire drill ever.

We knew the time so we came down earlier…using elevators.

As the building has 17 floors and we have kids.

Now we are outside having breakfast..

I picked my phone. Bro in law his wallet. Sis took sandwiches and kids picked chocolates.

My niece is literally wearing matching hairpin πŸ˜†


Trust me when i say i am actually looking the part..

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  1. Reminds me when I had to perform the fire drills at work, except the residents didn’t know when it was happening. They got to run out the front door. As supervisor, I had to run through all the rooms, and there were a lot, all the back stairways to make sure everyone was out. It isr idiculous. Because in a real fire you sould not have time to do all that. Glad you folks picked the important stuff to take with you! lol!

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    1. Reminds me of my school days i was class prefect/representative so thats what i had to do everyday for 1 year..empty classrooms before assembly πŸ˜†

      It was so funny. We were standing outside having sandwiches when we were done kids started handing us after8s πŸ˜‚ and we were like…this is what you will pick in case of fire?? 🀣

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      1. Yes, I got that. It gave me a chuckle. You grabbed your phone, which is good, because most of your photos are on it and contacts, excellent! Just make sure you know where the stairs are in the event of a real fire, lol!

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