Create a Reason..

When Fabric of your sanity is endangered

You desperately look for reasons

To keep it intact


Of being crushed

Under the debris of shattered hope

Then tell yourself..maybe it’s time to create one..

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

Out of This World


30 thoughts on “Create a Reason..

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      1. what were you thinking..I am not in an asylum or something as yet..
        yea its a fight. a moment you are in depression next you just don’t know where u are.
        had a full blown anxiety attack today it was hard to hide from sis but I managed.

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      2. Don’t worry you’re strong. Just thinking, not bad or anything. Don’t hide Stoner. It will erupt sooner or later. All that taking in, not letting out isn’t good. That’s just an advice.

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      3. For me you’re, I’m having a bad week. Fought with everyone, literally. Don’t ask Why. Take care Stoner. Do tell me once you go back to Dubai. OK.


      1. It isn’t bad poetry. You are just wishing that you felt better, but you are writing how it feels. It eill strike one person at least. Shutting down from writing will be way too lonely for a writer. You have beautiful words, beautiful art talent. One day when you look back at what you thought was the worst, you will realize it is only the worst you have felt, not the worst you have written.

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      2. The thing is, you are doing it. This bad phase will end, something will come along and you’ll think, “wow, I’m so glad I am still here, look at what I would have missed!”

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      3. I know it will. Thats how it works. But then there will be something else. Its life. Its just that sometimes everything accumulates and suddenly hit you.
        Its been like 5 years i havent said wow i am glad to be here 😆 but its ok.
        There will be something i am being prepared for. This is what i feel all the time.

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      4. There have been years at a time when I have felt useless, worthless and all those other names we call ourselves. I’ve only felt as bad as you have been feeling one year out of my life. I met the man I ended up marrying the second time. I am positive he saved my life. It will come when you least expect it. I hope that is sooner, rather than later for you.


  1. For me this is the best so far on this theme. Mine response is obviously very close to my heart so will remain my personal best, but this one is such a beautiful expression and is certainly ‘out of the world’ by many miles.
    I am sitting in star bucks and showing this wonderful response of yours to my wife and friends (weekly intellectual gang) and thoroughly appreciating it.

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