Barbed Wires

As I coiled

These barbed wires
Around me

Preparing myself like a sadist
For the inevitable tragedy

I kept folding and wrapping
Until, I couldn’t see my body

And then I waited for the roaring doom
To crash on me, ruthlessly

The circle was closing in
And it was impossible to flee

I knew it could take my life
Still I set you free

I thought it would be my peaceful demise
How wrong I could be

Then you recited my death sentence
Ever so casually

As if it was just another poem of yours
That you write so effortlessly

For the last time I gathered my self
And told you what you meant to me

Only if I knew my desperate cry
Will tear you apart from me

I suddenly lost you
Like a lost child, estranged from his family

I helplessly kept looking for your face
In this unfortunate festival of fate and destiny

Then the wires start tightening
Digging its teeth, stabbing me

I saw my skin tearing
A pang shot through me

But I failed to scream
I watched in horror powerlessly

I am breaking bleeding shivering in pain
Why the hell I ever set you free

But did you give me choice??
Could I see you suffer in agony??

I ask myself every second
Did you feel the same way, or it was just me?

How could you leave me stranded
I am literally begging for sympathy

There must be some way
There has to be, to end this misery

I promise I won’t say a word
I will do whatever you want from me

I know you are not far
You’re secretly watching me

Please come back before I turn to ashes
The fire we ignited is consuming me…

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved



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