Ok people

I woke up much much better!

Alot hyper though..but its ok..hyper is fine hyper is just me.

I have always been hyper its numbness that freaks me out

There something magical about eternal sunshine, please watch it I highly recommend it!

I wrote it review ->Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind..



Oh thank you all my lovely friends I just dont know what I have done to have you all in my life I would go back and do that one thing a thousands times more..i love you all!

I am alot better will wait for sometime to be more stable and think what to do next.

Right now..90s and early 2000s music and movies!!!

And food! Lots of it!

and here’s a little background for people new here..if you have time..Me!!

its weird I have to just rescue myself from my own madness most of the times.

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