Blessed and grateful

Guess what happened guys.

I was zoning out, on and off with happens to me something in my head starts to switch off..

And i got a call..i missed that first one..then i got another call..

It was from zazu.

My first instinct…how did he know?? How do they always know??? Without me saying anything. I feel we all are telepathically connected, they just sense it..I have been tolerating them for so long I guess that did it..they say it the other way round.


I picked and he said almost shouting “where were you? why didn’t you pick”

I said, “I was sleeping. how are you? whats up?”

Zazu replied, “it’s Valentine’s day is it possible i wouldn’t call??”

I was Suspicious something is coming..

And he started singing a tacky cheesy, cheap! Valentine’s day song..

And when he sings you can’t stop him. when we were young he would call at 12 and sing the whole birthday song so emotionally and you can’t stop him!

I burst out laughing.

Now he is a drummer, actually darbukka/dumbek player and he has a good voice..but when he sings flashy tacky numbers its hillarious.

I didn’t tell him the brand new info though. didn’t want to spoil the mood for both of us as he was on his way home.

I just thanked him and said “I really needed this call” and he said “I know I know.”

Rest of the call i was just laughing hysterical.

When you have friends like these.. honestly they dont let you crash or at least they stand by your side and dont let you suffer alone.

Thanks to my crazy friends Nenad (dronstad) and Sai (sight11) to tolerate my tantrums and try to make me laugh everytime i am struggling. And Tony (sonofabeach96) for always saying something sensible in the kindest tone.

I am blessed and grateful to have you all around me. I know its too much all of a sudden I have to reconsider my life choices but I have people like you guys guarding me from my own madness.

what else I could ask for 🙂

P.s. read it with the previous post for the full picture. Are you scared of yourself??

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12 thoughts on “Blessed and grateful

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  1. Great. Now I picture myself as a clown standing on the edge and frantically waiting for you to fall flat, face first, dive in the floor and yell “Ugh!!!”, so I can blow the whistle and throw confetti around and shout “Ta-daaa” at random crowd.

    Now that would be an act people would pay money to see. 😀

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  2. I’m grateful you have such great friends. They can get us through the rough patches. Winter is always worse for me. Being prone to depression anyway, dreary days and lack on Sun on my skin accentuates it. I now take 10,000 IU of D3 daily. It helps. 😍

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