Much Needed Big Bang..


I have been in a weird place lately..its hard to comprehend and almost impossible to interpret..

But it Conjured a new book.

yea.. strange isn’t it?

When you think you are to numb to do anything you start writing another book that’s opposite of your first incomplete book.

And I felt better once I started.

My mind is still hazy though.

It’s scary how little water I had in these days.. today I must have chugged gallons of it..


My very crazy stupid lovely friend was explaining me about meditation today.

Honestly I wasn’t even listening to her..i got bored but she is just too nice I didn’t interrupt.

She is one of those people who read every self help book on the planet, when talking to her I already keep a bag of chip and sit somewhere comfortable I know the Lecture is going to take hours..

But somewhere in between she was saying things that actually made sense. Only if I was attentive enough maybe every word was making sense..


So somewhere she was talking about letting the situations lead you to a better place.

It was all about being positive.

Even volcanic eruptions leave fertile land behind.

Maybe it was a much needed big bang that ended up forming a sweet little planet.

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19 thoughts on “Much Needed Big Bang..

    1. its hard to stay positive during such phases and actually you can’t be positive until they have passed to an extent. thats exactly like volcanic eruption the soil is fertile once its over…during the eruption its just a disaster.

      thank you 🙂


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