Get a haircut they said..

It will make you pretty they said…

Yeah.. you guessed it.

Today somebody hit my voodoo doll in the head and I said why don’t I get a hair cut…i think I need it.

But “I need a haircut” escalated to “i don’t think I even needed it” in an hour!

I booked appointment at the nearest salon whichever one had highest rating.

The woman giving me haircut started telling me about 20 30 treatments. When I said “umm..i don’t really care that much.”

She laughed and said “yea your face tells that”

I mean..

Okay…please don’t secretly Sympathize with are lucky you are seeing me without my mustache.

Well the girl was nice overall I had good time talking.

Hair didn’t turn out that bad but honestly I used to cut my bangs and I did better job than a lot of professional. A lot of people say that because you are in control and you can see what you are doing.

well. Its hair only..they will grow out..

The trick is not to look at the floor when you are done, panic attacks at salon are tougher to manage than wailing at home..

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29 thoughts on “Haircut!

  1. HaHA! I love your comment about the hair on the floor.I have really short hair so that is not a problem for me but my issue is seeing all the short little hairs on the dark wrap they put round my shoulders and how grey they all are. Then I remember I like my hair grey! Ta Da!

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  2. Hahaha 😀 I am currently also thinking about going to the salon. I always want to have long hair, and when I am almost at my desired length I get bored about it. So I will cut it and then want it long again… But honestly seeing all my hair on the floor in a salon, I am not of afraid but proud that my body produced all this stuff (haha gross)…

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