Spilled ink..

Black coffee


Music (coke studio)

And the sky looks like somebody spilled thinned ink


Its windy..really nice windy..not i-need-to-grab-a-pole windy.

I was determined i will beat anxiety today..at least to a certain level.

I did it.

And its double the joy…beating anxiety and accomplishing something thats never been easy.

Its not easy.

If i had an inkling of what my life would be at this point i would have prepared.

But its not a lost battle.

Maybe i am never going to spot silver lining.

Maybe for me..its an abstract painting decorated with spilled it.


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36 thoughts on “Spilled ink..

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      1. There are always 2 3 songs that you can never get tired of.
        Overall first few seasons were outstanding. Very versatile. It has mellowed down since stings stepped in in production.
        It was different game under rohail hayat.

        I love it!


      2. I’ve never heard of coke studio. There are a lot of links on youtube. Do you have a recommendation for a link for a first time listener? I am curious to hear them. I listened to this one which I found interesting but didn’t know if it was representative of their sound. I like the sound even though I can’t understand the words

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