Perpetual Deja Vu – Excerpt-3, #writephoto

Since I am finally FINALLY trying to finish “the trial” I thought why not share another excerpt of my ever-under-construction book!

She closed her eyes.

Her heart hammering wildly, lungs fighting their own battle.

And she was running..

Focusing all her energy on her unbelievably heavy feet.

She was giving it all. As if death was chasing her. Or even worse her inner demons, her fears, her insecurities.

Her trainers plowed the wet ground of the woods.

Hair freed from confines as always.

Eyes blank.

Rebellious thin branches of trees hit her at every step, yet failed to hinder her pace.

Something inside was crushing her rib cage. She was about to explode when she tripped over and fell flat on her face. elbows.

My knees..

Perpetual déjà vu..

Her 12 years old version played right in front of her eyes. Everyday tripping falling slipping and then being Treated for funny minor wounds was normal.

As normal as breathing.

For few years she never saw actual colour of her knees. There was always a pink layer of skin ready to be broken and bruised again.

In a second she propelled all of her energy from her feet to head. It shot up and hit her brain..crashed!!

She grabbed wild tapestry of the ground. Clenched leaves and wet soil in her fists. And her lids gave in again.

She felt tears marking a meek trail on her face and draining into the land of her imagination.

Her eyes opened to see wet pages of her journal. Ink marbling with salty water. Her hands gripping it so tight, it hurt.

And there was something piercing centre of her chest.

She looked at the fresh bruise on her knee and burst out laughing..

Her demented laughter stabbed and slashed the daunting silence of empty room.

Tears still streaming down..

Excerpt # 1

Excerpt # 2

Copyright © 2018 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

For Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.


74 thoughts on “Perpetual Deja Vu – Excerpt-3, #writephoto

Add yours

      1. I am so with you on that. I have procrastinated when it comes to my novel as well. But it’s a new year and I’ve decided that I am going to finish it. At least the first complete draft anyway.


      1. It has so many similar things with the Arabic. That’s why. I thought you had something similar so you would understand or something. Ugh, I fail at this. I always assume something would be cool, and it turns wrong.

        You don’t need to translate IshAllah. I heard it thousand times. Excuse me for asking, does “merhaba” means something in your language?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. no. I can’t speak arabic. I can only read it (as Quran is in arabic)
        and I not Emarati I am Pakistani so my native language is Urdu not Arabic.
        its ok. you didn’t fail. its nice to experience diversity.

        “”Marhaba” is an Arabic words, it is used in middle east to greet people, as Hello in English and Namaste in Hindi” I picked this from google. I never heard people saying Marahaba in UAE a lot normally to greet they say Salam.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 0K, just checking. Merahaba is also a way people greet each other in muslim parts of Bosnia, so I wanted to see under whose influence they were. That’s all. 😀 Sorry to bother you with my confused brain. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  1. That’s something, I was so engrossed in reading that I forgot I was reading and it all unfolded in front of my eyes like a movie. The way you write is brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. you said in answer to a question, i’m aware that many of my friends write in english as a second language. Just think we should try to reciprocate if we can. I will let you into a secret… I have a tattoo in urdu. It says Maria my soulmate in a circle

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awwww
        O my God.
        I was surprised urdu is not a famous language. Even though it’s a beautiful language.

        This is such an adorable gesture. The tattoo and you appriciating my work in my first language.

        Thank you so much. Means alot to me.
        I was walking on corniche when i saw this comment and i was smiling so broad people were looking at me like..what happened to her 😆

        Thank you 😊


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