Something About Mistakes – Charcoal Sketch

I am following a youtube channel these days; Art Prof, to learn art techniques and practice.

The reason I am able to sit through even an hour long tutorial is this woman who is teaching there. The way she explains everything keep you hooked till the end.

I drew this today..


I was practicing charcoal drawing with the help of a tutorial from the same channel using a reference photo of somebody I know (the end result doesn’t look like her at all, as usual)

The art prof said “allow yourself to make mistakes”.

And I felt these words so deeply.

If I compare my first charcoal work that I sketched some months back to this…they don’t even look like they are done by same person.

The reason I allowed myself to make mistakes.

You have to unchain yourself and let go of control you want to exert on yourselves.

Am I making sense??

I dont know.

And then you have to forgive yourself too.

I remember initially I wanted to draw a lily in charcoal and few minutes into the piece I felt I ruined it. I just crumbled the paper. That couldn’t help my anger so I tore it to bits. shredded it with my hands.

Now I let myself make mistakes then I forgive myself and try to correct them.

Things don’t have to be perfect, they cant be.

Thats how life works..

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56 thoughts on “Something About Mistakes – Charcoal Sketch

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  1. You have made perfect sense. Your sentence, “You have to unchain yourself and let go of control you want to exert on yourselves.” Is the key that unlocks the lock on the heavy chains that keeps us from being and doing what we are meant to be and do. Be the artist who finishes the project. When I wrestle with myself, I find those heavy chains on me again. Thanks for the reminder. Keep learning and sharing.

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  2. As humans, we have this mistaken idea we have to be perfect in all we say and do. It’s an impossible task to live up to. I love that you are allowing yourself to be human, make mistakes, recognize them, and then go on. That’s the ultimate goal in growing if you ask me. Congratulations.

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  3. Charcoal is not the easiest thing to work with either…I think if looks great regardless of how close it looks to the actual subject…that’s just what makes it original and yours…my writing instructor told us the same thing…allow yourself to make mistakes..that’s exactly how you learn!

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  4. if we are so cautious of not doing any mistakes then people set high expectations for us. it is so tough to satisfy them afterward. Nowadays i am not so rigid and do lot of mistakes.

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  5. I’m not an artist but I want to say something:
    There are no ‘mistakes’ in art….If you judge your creativity, you will stifle it; like criticizing a small child, you will stifle their authentic self while you mold them to YOUR will by your judgments.

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