Study?? really?? zzzZZZ

Study? Really??

This reminded me of group study sessions we had in student life.

Sam and I had simple definition of group studies.

I would go to her place. We would gossip. We would pull out our huge box of magazines (we both were reader’s digest hoarders, still are).

We would listen to some music, those were walkman days. And then we would go to sleep.

You read it right.

30 minutes into our meet-up we both could be heard snoring.

This reminded me an orientation our school arranged. It was a diploma program we had no intension to do. We were 9th graders (O-levels).

The venue was hall of a fancy hotel and all the important people of the related field were there.

And Sam slept!

It’s not a joke!

She was sitting next to me. I was blabbering in hush-hush voice disturbing the whole row.

Actually the head of that qualification and I had same surname, so I made up that he is my uncle. I was enjoying the sudden attention of fellow students when I heard somebody snoring.

It was Sam. Sitting next to me. Snoring! Thank God she’s not a loud snorer. So I just let her sleep.

Guess what few years down the road I went on to pursue the same qualification.

A-levels orientation was something else. The principal had this habit of adding “like that” at the end of every sentence.

And she was talking at bullet speed.

It was so fucking hilarious we had to bend and pretend we were tying our shoelaces just to hide our faces behind chairs.

Then the whole row followed us. We were dying.

Ah memories..

Student life was best time, even though it seems torturous at that time but later on when you look back those were the times we actually genuinely literally would die laughing.

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  1. lol, i can totally relate to this… Instead of writing something about the good old study days, I am going to call few of my friends now and its all thanks to you. 🙂


    1. O twadi khair i am jumping of a cliff right now!!!
      I just replied to a comment for nomination.
      Thank you so much meri jan for nominating but i have like 20 of them pending. I will go by sequence when i plan to answer.

      Thank you again for considering my blog worth the nomination. It.means alot to me

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  2. I had awesome memories from undergrad. I have a lot of mixed memories from grad school. I enjoyed the social aspect, but I’m so glad it’s over. I don’t miss all the stress, anxiety, fear of failing everything, sleepless nights, panic attacks..etc. The real world has been much kinder to me.

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