Feline- White Charcoal Drawing

This is what you do when you literally can’t lift your shoulders from the bed.


I need an indicator to tell me how bad my muscles are going to hurt as a side effect of the amount of work I am overwhelming myself with.

had a cleaning and decluttering day yesterday. nearly killed me this morning.

the reason I only read a few posts. I will read them tomorrow maybe.

as I was getting bored and boredom Evokes unsettling lunacy in me, I started working with white charcoal pencil following a tutorial obviously.

and enjoyed it!

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  1. It’s beautiful. Hey maybe that can be your niche, an amazing artist who creates while lying down lol! Muscle spasm, I get them. It feels like the muscle tightens up and won’t let go, then contracts again. Very painful.

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    1. Ahahha. That would be fun. Lying in a pool of random snacks and art materials with laptop comfortably sitting in stomach. That has to be my niche.
      I am not even googling it right now. If doesnt get better tomorow will pop an ibuprofen. Works! Wrong but works!

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      1. I have a similar thing. It is delayed and it is crippling. The Drs. would tell me to exercise but that’s because most people don’t exercise. I was raised by athletes so I had the mindset that pushing yourself is good and healthy. When I started going against the Drs. recommendations and excercising less strenuously I have fewer days of being crippled in bed. Think “submaximal” exercise and any time you feel muscle strain try to take a break. Even a break of a few seconds might help. Or switch muscle groups. I realize we are not the same person and our bodies are different but it is worth a try. You are not alone! Best wishes!

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      2. same happens to my dad too. and he explains its the same way.
        I think muscle in general hurt a bit later.
        I had to do a lot of drawing boxes and lifting so all of stress was on my shoulders. and I have been on steroids for 2.5 years so theres a lot of left over swelling.
        you are right. I forget to take breaks. even the short ones will helps.
        I am already recommended physiotherapy.
        thanks a lot for advice its very helpful will definitely take care next time. 🙂

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      1. Please don’t apologize. This is one of the main misconceptions around blindness that many of us are working to change. Out of 285 million people around the world who are blind only 10% are totally blind (without light perception). The rest, like me, have some residual vision be it, periphiral, central, or any millions of combinations. Blindness is not total sight or total darkness. I use magnification all the time on my devices and sometimes narration as needed. Thankfully, I can still see colors although variations are difficult and outside factors like light, weather, as well as physical issues with my eyes (uveities, glaucoma) can all impact how things appear to me. I can’t see faces, details, or read body language. Sorry for going on and on.

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      2. no no.
        I am extremely thankful to you for explaining me this. I have a friend here who told me she is blind I couldn’t muster up courage to ask her how does she use a computer. I looked up to understand.
        she can’t see images so sometimes I explain them to her when I see her comment on an artwork.
        so I was assuming maybe you can’t see images to.
        I am really grateful to you for making me understand. I myself have autoimmune condition related to eyes but my vision is fine.
        thank a lot Steph 🙂

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      3. My pleasure, thank you for asking. Many people don’t which is sort of sad because then this keeps the misconceptions alive. I think we have to remember each of us is different and even though I may share the exact same eye condition with another, we will not “see” the same way. The spectrum of sight loss is so vast and I get why people have a hard time understanding but if you wear corrective lenses to function, when you take them off you aren’t able to work the same way. This is the simpliest example of the range of sight loss. Before I lost my sight, I was extremely nearsighted, high myopia is the technical term, however I was always able to get a new eyeglass/contact lens presription to correct my vision to 20/20. You mention your friend and how you describe images to her, this is phenomenal because it helps her to be part of your work. Even though, I use alt-text wherever possible I still include image descriptions across all my social media platforms and I’ve noticed several of my blogger friends are doing the same. Thank you so much for this chat ❤

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      4. I have eye related autoimmune but my vision is fine. I am a regular at eye hospitals its a rare case.
        So i actually have an idea how vast the entire category is.
        Its my previlidge to havr friends like you and my other friends who has helped me understand life way better.
        You guys are exceptional. I read your blog and i admire and appriciate what you are doing for humanity.

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      5. Thank you. It sounds like you and your doctors are keeping a close watch on your vision so they could act in a timely fashion should something arise. I wasn’t aware of how many autoimmune diseases can actually affect the eyes until I began having problems with my sight.

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      6. Every visit they keep a check on the optic nerve. It was something they feared might be damaged. But its ok so far. I have amazing team on my case.
        There are alot of them. Some of them dont even require treatment and some are hard to even control and cease at a point.

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