Forlorn Philosophies



Bow your head

Kneel down

Don’t cry

Not a single tear

Why are you shaking

Like a withered leaf


No more sobbing

Why are you crying

You have everything

Don’t you??

Tell us

Or dont

Just obey


Or dont

Just obey

And don’t you dare weep

Like a pathetic fool

You miserable piece of shit

And then

You obeyed

You bowed

You froze

Your tears

Behind burning drapes

You smothered

Your screams

In your throat

That stabbed

A thousand holes

In your defeated soul

You smiled

Yes you smiled

For those eyes

To see

Your fake perfection

But you knew

You looked

Like a morbid wooden puppet

Stiff and Grim

Aloof and Empty

Just like

Their Forlorn philosophies..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


57 thoughts on “Forlorn Philosophies

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  1. Truth! How often in life are we told to “sit down and shut up,” “suck it up and deal with it,” or “no one want’s to hear your problems,” and then slap a smiley mask on our face to hold in the pain.

    We have to rip of the smiley and let the pain out, or the soul will not deflate…it will burst!

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  2. Wow, it doesn’t seem like it at first but there’s so much imagery in here that creeps up behind you until you become the very hollowness of the poem itself. Of course, I’m an optimist so I bounce right back. But, just for a moment, I could trully feel the morbitity it conjured up. Sadly, this poem is all to relevant to the human existence. But it’s always good to have hope as well.

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      1. Yeah lol, thank you. My father was abusive and that fucked me up a lot and my mom wasn’t very mentally healthy at the time and there’s also the fact that I have a crippling disease. It took our family get over to get back from that, but I am ok now.

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      2. Ok ok.. just read your about page too.. that’s too much to deal with at such young age.
        You are such a brave beautiful soul i am glad to have met you here. 🙂
        You can always contact me through my contact page whenever you want to talk. 🤗🙂

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